FMC Ethics ​Response Lines

At FMC, we are committed to conducting our business with honesty and integrity and complying with all applicable laws. The FMC Code of Ethics and Business Conduct exemplifies our dedication to these high business standards. The Code of Ethics summarizes the legal and ethical principles that we follow in our policies and practices and our daily work. These principles are to be reflected in the behavior of all directors, employees and others who are bound by our Code of Ethics, regardless of position and location.

FMC has multiple ways that a suspected ethics violation can be reported. FMC will treat all reports in an appropriately confidential manner and will ensure that no acts of retribution or retaliation will be taken against anyone for making a report in good faith. To report a suspected violation or to obtain more information:



U.S. 1-855-649-8997 (toll free) OR
U.S. 1-866-332-6800 (toll free)
International: Please use one of the country specific direct access phone numbers, which can be found on the FMC Ethics Response Line website, by selecting the location of your country in the dropdown menu
OR you may call 00+1-704-759-2082 (collect call).


FMC Ethics Office
PBM 3767
13950 Ballantyne Corporate Place
Charlotte, NC 28273

FMC Ethics Office, Europe
P.O. Box 9
DK-7620 Lemvig